Legalization Of Prostitution In The United States

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Prostitution is illegal in the United States and is part of modern society. It is a controversial topic in the United States and the number of prostitutes is steadily increasing every year. Prostitution gives prostitutes a job and money and they are also known as the word “whore” and “hooker.” The legalization of prostitution has become more of a topic the public talks about. Prostitution is advertised on the internet on multiple different sites that the law cannot regulate. The adolescents in today’s society, lack the understanding that legalization of prostitution can lead to a multitude of problems. If adolescents grow up thinking that prostitution is fine, then the number of prostitutes will increase dramatically over the years. A main …show more content…
It has become a big problem in today’s society around the United States. Some women are forced into the sex industry and some women choose to be in the sex industry. Hersh (2012) notes, “The average age where a girl is forced into prostitution is twelve to fourteen. And most of these sixteen or seventeen years old are being run by pretty vicious pimps” (p. 2). However, men or women, mostly men are known as pimps (selling women on the internet to make money) relate to human trafficking. The pimps will stalk adolescents at any age, no younger than twelve and will wait for the perfect time to where they can medicate the woman to kidnap them. The pimp will continue to heavily medicate the adolescent everyday to where they hardly remember anything. The adolescents that are now held for human trafficking will most likely never see their family again. The drugs will allow the women to relax to where they will not try to fight the pimp. In 2012, Hersh states, “Pimps make more than twenty-two million dollars annually a year from prostitution” (p. 2). The more women a pimp has, the more money he will make. A pimp will make more money with an adolescent then he will with a woman because most men want younger women. Pimps use the internet to help sell and advertise his group of women. Most pimp will transport his prostitutes overseas, around the country, or they will most likely put them on the street. Pimps will do …show more content…
Legalizing prostitution does not have all bad things that come with it. By legalizing prostitution it allows the government to regulate prostitutes. The government would be able to keep an eye on prostitution and it would put a decrease in human sex trafficking. This would also not allow as many pimps to run a business. The woman could advertise themselves on the internet without getting in trouble with the law, since the profession is legal, and they are not being forced to do something they do not want to do. This will allow the government to keeps an eye on prostitution, because the adolescents would not be abused as much. Legalizing prostitution will largely decrease the amount of adolescents prostitutes there are in today’s society. Prostitution gives prostitutes a job, it allows them to make money. Many people can not get a job and they need a profession to make money to be able to have meals and have a house. If prostitution is a job, that will give a woman the extra job opportunity to make

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