Legalization Of Marijuana

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For many years Marijuana has been identified as a menace by the United States Government. They have exaggerated claims of its harmfulness and they have ignored its potential as a useful medicine. Marijuana already has a well established reputation in the medical field and legalization of Marijuana would allow for it to help many people (Marijuana Prohibition). Marijuana has been proven to be an effective medicine and Marijuana legalization would help improve the economy. There would also be a lower crime rate with a lot less people in jail. Overall, legalizing marijuana would be most beneficial for the United States.
The legalization of Marijuana has been an issue in the United States for over 100 years. After the Mexican revolution of 1910
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Drug dealers are against the legalization of Marijuana because they would stop making a profit from selling it. People would rather go to stores to purchase Marijuana instead of a drug dealer because it is a safer way to get what they need. This would cause a decrease in the crime rate because fewer drugs are being sold illegally. People going to the store to buy Marijuana would also help the economy. Not only would the economy benefit from the revenue gained by taxing legal Marijuana but also by ending costs associated with enforcement of laws against Marijuana. These economic benefits would be significant but not overwhelming (Legalizing Marijuana). Marijuana users are for legalization because they would no longer be able to get in trouble for smoking it. Most of Marijuana arrests involve possession and not the selling of it and jails are filling up with minor offenders for possession of a small amount of Marijuana. According to Pete Brady, Marijuana arrestees are often housed with violent criminals, although the arrestees are almost always peaceful. These people often end up getting beaten and raped by their cellmates when they shouldn’t even be in these jails (Marijuana Prohibition Laws). Marijuana also has the potential to help many people medically. People who smoke Marijuana for medical purposes are for legalization as well. Jana Christian is a 57 year old woman who suffers from chronic pain. Jana and her husband have identic injuries in their necks and lumbar spines. Marijuana is the only thing that eases their pain. When Medical Marijuana is not available, the quality of their lives begin to deteriorate. They are in so much pain that a week without Medical Marijuana can feel like an eternity to them. Marijuana is the most effective muscle relaxer, everything becomes relaxed, and therefore Marijuana is the perfect medicine for people who

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