Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana
With so many controversial topics in the world today, to determine who is right and who is wrong in the case of marijuana; Sometimes it’s just too hard to say what should be legal and what should not be legal. For example, the legalization of marijuana. This can be a touchy subject, and some have very strong views. I believe that the United States should legalize marijuana. By just decriminalizing it, as states recently such as California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts most recently have been doing, simply is not enough. People need to realize marijuana is not a “hard drug”. The CDC, a government run website, states that last year there were approximately 88,000 people who died due to excess alcohol related deaths. The total death count for marijuana is zero documented deaths. Alcohol, which is obviously legal in the United States (Over 21, of course) can be very addictive, and marijuana is not addictive whatsoever. The argument should be simple here, marijuana simply isn’t as bad as these other things people are doing these days. Marijuana has also been proven to help some medical problems, another thing people need to understand. Legalizing marijuana will improve the economy, provide cheap and efficient medical treatment, and decrease funding that will go towards drug organizations.
Marijuana will improve the economy because there will be people who buy it no matter expensive it may be, whether it be for recreational use or for medical…

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