Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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As the paper hits your lips and your lungs inhale the five leaves, green plant, all your pain, suffering, and worries fade. In the United States, only twenty-one states have legalized medical marijuana and fifteen have limited legalization of marijuana. Doctors tried to increase the use of marijuana to help fight the pain from “cancer, nausea from chemotherapy, the wasting syndrome of AIDS, glaucoma, epilepsy and certain neurological and psychiatric disorders” (“Letters). In Canada, doctors have found positive results from using marijuana medically. Legalizing marijuana for medical reasons, in all fifty states, is important for the growth of medical treatments that could use it to fight off diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, and …show more content…
In the United States, medical marijuana is illegal, yet the fact that cannabis is legal in some countries, like Canada, and is also being talked about for cancer treatment and palliative care causes confusion in people (Isaacs,). Due to the lack of funding and legalization, not many studies have been done on patients but mostly children, and many do not know the efficacy or long term effects. Although doctors cannot prescribe marijuana, cannabinoids, for epilepsy, the conversation continues. The only way to prescribe medical marijuana would be if the child is enrolled in a clinical trial; however, for many, marijuana is helping with epilepsy. Most doctors do not want to harm any children, and a major study would be ‘risky’, but “most parents would probably prefer a ‘n-of-one’ trial for their own child: try them on medical cannabis and stop it if it does not work” (Isaacs,). Multiple parents believe they know what is best for their children, and they should have the power to agree with the prescription. The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes would help doctors with trials make the right choice. Is a parent’s love and caring judgement best, or a certified …show more content…
Due to the oils in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), medical marijuana helps patients fight diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and MS. The positive results, medical marijuana brings, like fighting cancer cells or even attacking them from spreading into the body in the first place, it should be legalized by all fifty states. Medical marijuana has helped people in many ways, yet the United States government has still not legalized it. Marijuana is a great resource and will help fight many diseases, especially caner, in the years to come. The people of the United States are where it needs to start. Legalizing marijuana would benefit everyone in some way whether that be in taxes for the United States government, school systems, medical lavatories, or the numerous diseases that it fights off. If you, or your child got diagnosed with cancer, or any other major health problem would you want the

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