Legalization of Marijuana - Debate Speech Essay

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Good morning honourable chairperson, judges, audience members, and of course, our most worthy opponents. I am side proposition’s second speaker, here to enforce our belief in the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Again, we whole heartedly support this resolution. In my speech today, I will elaborate upon side proposition’s contentions, which prove why this resolution must stand. I will also discuss the affirmative plan. However, before I do this, it is necessary that I point out and clash with the blatant flaws in the negative case.

Now that I have brought to light the many holes in the opposition’s case, I would like to move on to our case. My partner presented to you our first two contentions: a, that the legalization of marijuana
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These tax dollars are being WASTED. Drug related problems continue to rise. CBC News wrote an article on July 6, 2007 declaring Canada the leading industrialized nation in cannabis use. This is clear proof that our current drug prevention programs are flawed. The large number of cannabis users brings with it a dangerous drug trade, as my partner explained. Side proposition is suggesting a better, consistent and less wasteful plan. Yes, citizens will pay tax dollars. We don’t deny this. However, we believe these tax dollars will actually be useful in developing a safer drug environment, rather than being wasted.

Our next and final contention is about the positive effects of marijuana which are currently unknown to many people. The drug has many medicinal and therapeutic uses. This has already been proven by scientists, even with the illegality of the drug. The US Institute of Medicine released a study on March 17, 2009. It showed that cannabis can be useful in treating pain, nausea and appetite loss caused by advanced cancer and AIDS. THC, a component of the drug also acts as a sedative and reduces anxiety. Medical uses of cannabis are also inexpensive. The IOM study states that “in emaciated AIDS patients, treatment with GH supplements cost an average of $36 000 per year. A one year treatment with medicinal marijuana would cost the AIDS patient no more than $500 a year.” Ladies and gentlemen, it is

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