Essay about Legalization Of Drugs Should Not Be Legalized

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Legalization of drugs has been a controversial topic in many states. Some states in the America have allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes or recreational use. Other states have completely prohibited the use of marijuana and other illegal drugs. I will argue that illegal drugs should not be legalized and I will support Wilson’s theory. According to Wilson, illegal drugs should not be legalized for recreational use. Wilson argues that, the government has the complete right to encourage a healthy society. He believes that drug use victimizes other people such as infants, spouses, employers and co-workers (Wilson 24). Pregnant drug users have a much higher rate of low birth weight babies. Drugs like crack and heroin can cross the placental barrier and result in addicted babies. Pregnant women who consume alcohol can have babies with fetal alcohol syndrome. Pregnant women can pass the AIDS virus to the infant through intravenous drug use (“Drug” 1-4). Wilson claims that, “Cocaine harms the fetus and can lead to physical deformities and neurological damage” (Wilson 24). In the workforce, drug use can cause carelessness and lack of productivity. “Drug users are more likely than nonusers to have occupational accidents, endangering themselves and those around them” (“Drug” 1-4). Wilson believes that regular users of drugs like heroin avoid work and social responsibility (Wilson 23). Wilson will not agree with commercial distribution of marijuana. He will argue that the…

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