The Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana is quickly becoming more popular to Americans. ”According to the Pew Research Center, 63 percent of Americans polled in 2000 believed the drug should remain illegal; in 2015, 53 percent favored its legalization,” (Marijuana). Marijuana legalization is a very popular topic of discussion and also very controversial, many Americans are still trying to look past its bad image and into its bright future in medicine. The regulations against marijuana have quickly hurt America with them filling the jails and prisons due to people being caught with the substance. The legalization and taxation of marijuana is exactly what this country needs to stimulate the economy. Legalization is important because it has been done in other countries and …show more content…
This effort to fight drug use and trafficking is not only wasting money but also taking many more lives than necessary. Save lives and money by ending the drug war or cut down on drug trafficking by legalizing marijuana so people can not profit from smuggling it in from Mexico.
The United States has to decriminalize certain drugs to reduce the violence and power of Mexican drug cartels. “Participants in black markets cannot resolve their disputes with courts and lawyers, so they resort to violence instead” (Miron). The black market drug demand of America has given them a lot of power. Until recently a scary amount of the drugs consumed by Americans were from Mexico and other foreign countries. The effort to keep drugs out of the U.S. from Mexico costs the taxpayers another $40,000,000,000 every
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States are starting to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes because the research has proven time and again there are no lasting or dangerous side effects of the drug. In the 1990’s states were becoming more tolerant with marijuana use and started advocating for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana was first legalized by Colorado and Washington, this took place in 2012. The legal marijuana industry was a $700,000,000 market last year and is close to being a $1,000,000,000 dollar industry this year. Last year $699,000,000 was sold in Colorado last year between medical and recreational marijuana, with no health problems reported. This industry is just getting started (Ingraham). The Marijuana industry has opened up many spots for new jobs and opens up more and more everyday. “There are a certain number of folks, like myself, who were pretty reticent about it to begin with,” said House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, a Democrat. He is now for legalization as well as many

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