Legal Systems Over The World Essay

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Legal systems over the world have agreed that children and youth are different from adults. It would be wrong to treat them the same since it is evident that children grow into mature individuals over time. Until they reach adulthood they go through phases that help them find themselves and essentially know right from wrong. When they are about twelve they start to display a social, intellectual, moral and sexual awareness which is the beginning of adolescence (Bala and Anand, 2000). As they immerge into the adolescent period they start growing self-awareness and increasing autonomy. In this time frame, adolescents are attracted to new challenges and excitement. This causes them to challenge authority figures and do what seems right in the moment without caring about the consequences. Bala and Anand (2000) warn this is the root cause of youth crime for the reason that their immediate pleasures drive them. In this period, they are more likely to cave into pressures from their friends which is evident in schools. A notable amount of offending behavior occurs in school, including thefts, assaults, intimidation and drug dealing (Theriot and Orme 2016). Many parents, teachers and members of the public recognize this as a problem and argue that this offending behavior is essentially undermining the school climate since they are capable of scaring or injuring other students and staff. As high-risk activities increased in schools, school administrations realized that the “zero…

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