Legal System In Kenya Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Their constitution was put into effect on August 27, 2010 which established a prime minister position and a bicameral legislature. The executive branch consists of the chief of state: President Mwai Kibaki and Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. The executive branch also consists of a head of government that includes the president, vice president, and Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga. The legislative branch is made up of a unicameral National Assembly or Bunge with 224 seats that each serve five-year terms, like the president. The judicial branch consists of a Court of Appeal which is a chief justice, and High Court. The legal system is based on Kenyan statutory law, Kenyan and English common law, tribal law, and Islamic …show more content…
The Kenyans love to socialize, tell stories, and play games. Checkers is very popular with children while the men play ajua and everyone is encouraged to plant or tend small gardens. Swimming, boating, or fishing on the coast is also something to do. Kenya’s long distance runners are among the finest in the world. Wilson Kiprugut became the first black African to win an Olympic medal when he finished third in the 800-meter event. Since then Kenyan athletes continue to win major titles and break records and they are particularly strong in cross-country, steeplechase, and marathons. Other than running, the popular sports are soccer, boxing, volleyball, and car races. There are many public holidays in Kenya that are either religious occasions or anniversaries of important dates. The most important social occasions are those that are age-related and the great celebration comes at the time of circumsion, which marks a boy’s entrance into manhood. There national holidays are Madaraka Day (June 1), Uhuru Day (December 12), Kenyatta Day (October 20), and Moi Day (October 10). The Christian and Islamic holidays are Christmas, Easter, Id al-Fitri and Id al-Adha. Also the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad or Maulidid is celebrated. The not public shows include the Kenya International Air show, Ferodo Concours d’Elegance, Mombasa’s street carnival, and Lamu’s annual donkey race. Although Kenya has some of the most fertile farmland in Africa, the food is limited. There preferred diet is based on beans, lentils, and

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