Legal Issues Arising from New Technologies and the Extent to Which the Judicial Remedies Available to Sort Issues

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Outline the legal issues emerging from new technology and evaluate the extent to which the remedies available achieve justice.
The rate of technological change in the last three decades has been extremely significant. Developments in new technology such as mobile phones, digital cameras, the Internet and email were not available 25 years ago. These changes have transformed our society but have also created a number of considerable issues for the legal system. Governments face many challenges in trying to make regulations and laws where technology is concerned. The main difficulty being that technology is constantly developing; therefore, it gives rise to an array of issues that have rarely or never been raised in political, legal or
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Many of the legal issues regarding peer-to-peer sharing remain unresolved.
Copyright rights therefore serve an important economic function. They provide legal back-up to a whole series of industries, including:
> The film and TV industries
> The music industry
> The book, newspaper and magazine publishing industry
> The multimedia industry
> The software industry
In 1886, the Berne Convention – the first of a number of important multilateral treaties – was agreed between Great Britain and some 19 other countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan and Tunisia. The Convention set out minimum levels of copyright protection countries would give to the citizens and nationals of the other signatories. Since that time, international considerations have been an increasingly strong influence on the way countries individually approach copyright law.


The term ‘intellectual property’ refers to creations of the mind that have commercial value. These include inventions, literary works, artistic works, music and a variety of other areas. The majority of these things can be created or published on the internet. Intellectual property is an exception when it comes to international law and cyberspace. In many areas of law, international treaties do not distinguish between offences committed in cyberspace. However, there are number of

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