Legal/Ethical Issue Essays

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BUS670 MBA Program
Legal/Ethical Issue
March 2012

Today’s business world presents numerous ethical issues. In today’s world above board/moral ethics in organizations do not often materialize intuitively. Organization must strive to provide employees with a clear understanding of the overall company vision. This will aid employees in practicing the code of ethics, policies and procedures in the workplace. Companies must be unwavering in continuously delivering the uppermost ethics of provision in which customers, applicants and employees are entitled to under fair business practices. One major core value is to uphold responsible and fair business practices.
A core dedication to sponsoring and upholding the extreme parallel of
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The behavior/conduct has to be uninvited as well as abusive to the employee. The harassment has to be addressed by the employee. He or she must voice the concerns of unwanted behavior, for the purpose to make available corrective behavior adjustment for the harasser. The corrective behavior requires a quality that yields an effect on the employee aptitude to perform work tasks in a proficient method. Workplace harassment contains a variety of behaviors. The law prohibits workplace discrimination. Under federal and state legislation, unlawful discrimination occurs when someone, or a group of people, is treated less favorable than another person or group because of their race, color, national or ethnic origin; sex, pregnancy or marital status; age; disability; religion; sexual preference; trade union activity; or some other characteristic specified under anti-discrimination or human rights legislation ( I feel age is a more common at present form of discrimination in today’s society. Age discrimination against older people currently exists in many companies. Most companies look for employee/position longevity. Some employers believe this cuts down on high position turnover, costly repeat training, and prolonged learning development. Sad to say, but middle-aged to older individuals often can’t obtain a job they are capable of performing, because firms favor younger candidates. In

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