Animal Cruelty Definition

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According to The Free Dictionary the term animal cruelty is defined as, “the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death of an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for normal discipline...” (Animal Cruelty Legal Definition of Animal Cruelty). Every day animals experience pain inflicted on them. Whether it be that they are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle with the effects of abuse. Some animals don’t know if they will even make it to the end of the day because they are left starving, bleeding, or in unsanitary conditions. More than likely the animals will die before someone rescues them, but if they are rescued, they have another chance at life. Animal abuse is a growing problem in today 's society. Animal abuse can potentially kill animals or make the animals struggle for the rest of their lives. Normally there are 1,920 cases of animal abuse a year (Harden). That is a lot! Poor animals dying for no reason. Animal abuse is not only dogs, cats, or family pets. It is every animal in existence. Roughly ten thousand bulldogs die a year because …show more content…
These findings showed that men committed 94% of animal cruelty cases; and a little over a fourth of the criminals were younger than 18; and roughly 20% included cases of family violence (Animal Cruelty Often Tied To Family Abuse). Something needs to change in order for these statistics to go down. It’s hard to imagine a female animal abuser. This may be the case because women are always the ones shown on T.V. helping the animals. Also, more times than not, women are more nurturing than men. There could also be a strong relationship between animal abuse and domestic violence. According to the Crackdown on animal abuse, “many of the most notorious killers in United States history had a history of torturing animals when they were young (p.1+). The correlation between animal abuse and human violence. Both are living things that can feel

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