Legal Essay: The Problem Of Medical Marijuana

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The topic of cannabis has become a big thing. Whether or not it should be legalized recreationally or medically. If it becomes legal does that mean it’s moral? Is it moral to not be in a normal state of mind? In a health article about Medical Marijuana the author talks about the medical use of what can be healthy from it and what is unhealthy. “The cannabinoids in marijuana act as central nervous system depressants, diminishing pain perception and increasing pain tolerance”(50). This may help the pain but it is hurting you body and your brain and causing you to be depressed. It is essentially making your nervous system blind to the pain that is happening. Making you not be able to feel the pain of cancer or whatever is causing you
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The drug Marijuana is more commonly tried for curing cancer. This is making people to want to make it legal. With this drug legal people will say it will help the economy but it is $50 billion that goes to the drug cartels. If it is legal it will help the economy but is morally not right. As is says in Peter 5:8 “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” we need to be clear minded. God calls for us to be clear minded to be there to help other people but you can not do that if you are high on marijuana.
Marijuana have many major and life lasting effects. It altered senses, changes in mood, impaired body movement, difficulty with thinking and problem-solving, and impaired memory and learning. A study by a longitudinal study done on 1000 people from Dunedin, New Zealand says “People who are
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There are 10 main and most common ways people use it. You can smoke it. There are many ways you can even do this. You can roll a join which is a thin paper that sticks to itself when it is wet. This paper can even be harmful to your lungs. You can smoke it out of a pipe or what they call a bong. A bong is glass and fills with water and filters the marijuana. You can get any of these at a tobacco shop. Another way to smoke it is from wax. Wax has more THC and has to be smoked out of a more complex type of bong. The name of this “bong” is called a rig. You have to heat the wax up with a torch and you can take bigger hit and get a even bigger high. You can also vaporize the wax and it does not smell. Vaporizing it is like an e-cigarette but it gets you high. More teenages use the vaporization method because it is easier to hide. Wax is $30-$40 more than the marijuana plant. One of the easiest ways to use marijuana is to eat it. They call these edibles. They mix the marijuana into most commonly used pastries. Cookies, brownies and even big cakes. These can get expensive. This is a more healthy alternative to smoking it and it has a long lasting relief. Another way to obtain the high is using Tinctures or Sublingual Sprays this is done by extracted cannabinoids and mixed into an alcohol, glycerin solution or MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglyceride), which in many cases is coconut oil. This method can be expensive to people who are used to buying

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