Legal Drinking Age Should Not Be Eighteen Essay

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Legal drinking age should not be eighteen

The legal drinking age in the United States should not be lowered to the age of eighteen because adults at age twenty-one are more mentally mature than of eighteen, more drunk driving accidents would occur, and students whom are still in high school would be allowed to buy alcohol, causing more underage driving and accidents.

First, teenagers who are eighteen years of age do not understand the consequences that can and do happen when allowing younger, non-mature, teenagers to drink alcohol. Debatewise states that, “Allowing teenagers to drink at the age of 18 won 't ensure that they drink responsibly - just that they can 't be punished for it! The teenage brain is not a developed as the 21 year old brain and they will more likely have a drinking dependency or liver damages before they can even drink legally. Thousands are admitted to university hospital each year for alcohol poisoning” (“Debatewise” n.d.). Research has shown that the damaging effects of alcohol abuse are excessive on a teenager 's developing brain. Also stated by debatewise,
“The adolescent brain is a work in progress, marked by significant development in areas of the brain responsible for learning, memory, complex thinking, planning, inhibition, and emotional regulation. The neurotoxic effect of excessive alcohol use is a danger to these key regions of the maturing adolescent brain. A person 's brain does not stop developing until their early to mid-20s.…

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