Unbowed Film Analysis

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“Unbowed” is a legal drama film, written and directed by Chung Ji-young and starring Ahn Sung-ki and Park Won-sang. The movie is based on Kim Myung-ho’s true story, a math professor who was arrested and prosecuted for shooting with a crossbow the Judge Park Hong-woo.
The movie starts with the aforementioned incident. We witness a math professor named Kim Kyung-ho (Ahn Sung-ki) holding a crossbow in front of the building’s entrance of Judge Park Bong-joo’s (Kim Eung-soo) home. When Judge Park Bong-joo arrives at his home, Kim Kyung-ho confronts him and threatens him with the crossbow, demanding an apology for not following the law. The two men start to fight and Kim Kyung-ho is arrested and prosecuted for allegedly shooting Judge Park Bong-joo.
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In these terms, it comes as a surprise how this uptight professor chose to frighten the judge using a crossbow and not try to from the beginning to find his right by following the law. Only later he appears to extensively study the law, showing how meticulous he …show more content…
Furthermore, Ahn Sung-ki is very good in his role as Professor Kim Kyeong-ho and he won several awards as best actor. Still, the one that stands out with his natural acting is Park Won-sang as Lawyer Park Joon. He is exceptional and shines both in the courtroom as determined laywer and outside the courtroom with his funny scenes.

“Unbowed” is a film fairly without surprises minus one scene in the cell. This rough scene catches the viewer by surprise and seems misplaced to take account the general aesthetics of the film. It feels as its only purpose is to add the sock factor. Nonetheless, “Unbowed” is one of the rare Korean courtroom movies that is embodied with many clever dialogues and this makes it a worth-watching

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