Essay on Legal Considerations Of Workplace Violence

1279 Words Apr 12th, 2016 6 Pages
I chose the topic about legal considerations of workplace violence in healthcare environments because it is always a big problem in the healthcare field. I believe that all healthcare providers need to gain more knowledge about how important their legal rights especially in the healthcare field. Most people that are at risk of workplace violence are the nurses at the facility. In most cases, they are not reported. This is why I thought this paper would be a great topic to go over in detail. I also chose this article because of the topics from the book talks about the four elements on negligence. The summary of the article states the violence can occur in any environment, especially anyone that enters the healthcare setting. Workplace violence is a difficult problem that needs to be reduced. Anyone could be a perpetrator or victim such as patients, customers, employs, family members, and many others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics informs us that the healthcare providers are at 16 times to be at risk for violence than other occupational workers. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reported that 64% of assaults occurred in service industries. The largest providers in the healthcare system that are at risk are the nurses, in the United States. They also found that 75% of the all psychiatric nursing staff had been assaulted at least once in their profession. There are many factors that are the cause of violence in the workplace: low staffing, mentally…

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