Legal and Ethical Essay

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Legal and Ethical Issue

The growth and development of internet use has influenced considerable innovations globally. More than a few organizations rely on internet use to operate and to enhance their productivity among other aspects. However, organizational planning in most organizations has recognized that malicious attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities are the major factors affecting organizations. Over the years, Amazon organization has been leading in terms of online business for many years. As a result, there are a number of factors that have influenced its growth and development. One of the major factors that has influenced the growth and development of the organization is effective strategic management. However,
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However, the major threat to the organization is external factors. The major external factors that affect Amazon organization include security threats, competitive environment, and decline of American economy. In addition, there are a number of rapid changes in the external environment. However, information or data from external environment adds quick changes to crucial factors. Security is one of the major external factors facing Amazon. However, Based on the increased dangers in organizations, it is considerable to appropriately manage and protect data against unlawful disclosure of private information, loss of data reliability, and also make sure the accessibility of data and system. In IT based organizations, security requires an impartial approach that would guarantee data safety and progress of the organization (DeVries, 2003). Insecurity of data continues to be a major threat in IT based organizations. Amazon Company specifically deals with online retail and other aspects associated with the internet. Therefore, the chances of risks in the company are high because of increased number of threats such as malware, breach and access of data without permission. The organization is composed of different variety of systems that can easily be affected by risks associated with hackers and other

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