Legal And Ethical Issues Of The Movie Essay

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In the movie, there are many legal and ethical issues. The beginning of the movie shares an ethical issue involving the mother. Gwen and her sister Lily should have never been left with their mother who was in an addiction situation herself. Gwen has flashbacks during her treatment of her mother putting their life in danger using a coffee table while sledding. Gwen also remembers her mother dancing and stumbling. The ethical issue with this is because the two girls, Gwen and Lily, should have never been stuck in the house with an unstable caretaker for a mother. Children who receive maltreatment (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect) associated with alcohol dependence independently increased the risk of alcohol dependency (Cambridge University Press, 2012). Legal Issues in the movie involve Gwen and all her convictions while under the influence. She could have been charged for driving while intoxicated. Gwen stole a vehicle while at her sister’s wedding. She destroyed a house when she ran into it and then left the scene of the accident. She also had prescription drugs that were snuck into treatment with her. She was abusing the Vicodin pills to cope with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. While watching the movie 28 Days, there were some questions that came to mind. Did Gwen ever get charged or fined for her actions under the influence? What happened to her when she left the scene of the accident and the house she crashed into? Did anyone else try to stage an…

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