Essay on Legal And Ethical Dilemmas Of The Medical Field

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In the medical field, many cases of legal and ethical dilemmas arise on a daily basis. In such cases, the role of the physician is to provide competent medical treatment at the discretion of the patient and their families. In many of these cases, although the physician believes they are doing the right thing, we often have our own opinions. Among these cases, are two unique dilemmas to be discussed in great detail before obtaining an ethical decision. The first case is of a 47 year old male who suffers a brain aneurysm and is comatose. After three years of the patient being in a persistent vegetative state, his wife chooses to remove the feeding tube which supplies her husband’s nutrition and fluids. The next case is of a baby born with down syndrome and duodenal atresia. Duodenal atresia is a blockage in the intestines which prevents the ability to digest food. To correct the deformity, the child requires surgery, however, the parents ask the doctor to forgo surgery and let the baby die. Both of these cases represent very different legal and ethical issues which must be discussed at length to obtain an appropriate decision. However, in many of these difficult cases however, the doctor chooses a decision most others would not agree upon. First off, in many of these cases there are multiple options to consider when determining which option is the best for all parties involved. Among the two cases discussed there are two options to decide between. In the case of the 47 year…

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