Legal And Biological Transitions Involving Age Boundaries And Physical Growth

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When people turn 18 years old the first thing one can think of is that they are finally a legal adult. They can vote, take part in lottery drawings, and buy cigarettes. However, these are important hurdles to pass for some, but they do not classify people as adults. “Research has highlighted how the degree of endorsement of such and other adulthood-related criteria (e.g., going through legal and biological transitions involving age boundaries and physical growth, respectively) during the transition to adulthood changes as emerging adults age and experience transition-linked phases, as being in a romantic relationship, leaving parents’ house, or getting a job” (Nelson, 2009). According to Human Development: A Life-Span View defines adulthood such as getting married or living independently. Psychological criteria, such as being less reckless and more mature, and subjective approaches, such as asking someone if he or she considers himself or herself to be an adult. (Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. 2013). These criteria affect everyone, including well-known celebrities. For some, adulthood begins faster than others due to different experiences one may encounter in their lives. Examples include becoming a parent at a young age, immediately joining the workforce or military after high school, etc. Other people choose to extend their education to earn a degree. Whichever path one experiences they are making adult decisions along the way as they get older. However, the point where…

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