Legal Advice Essay

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Legal Advice

LEG100: Business Law

Florida is a state which has been endowed with immense potential in regards to companies which offer their services (Jennings, 2008 ). On top of the list of some of the renowned companies within this state are companies which are in the transport sector. Businesses and those who own interests need to know their rights and obligations. What is legal? Where can I find the laws I need to know? How do I make decisions about legal conduct that, personally, is morally or ethically troublesome to me? This is because these are aspects which enable the businesses to grow and gain momentum. It is important for businesses to know the aspects of businesses which are of value. This is because these
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Businesses commit resources, people, and time with the expectation that the contracts for those commitments will be honored and enforced. Investors buy stocks knowing that they have protection in that investment through securities laws. Knowing we have protection in the law allows us to trust, contract, and invest. Laws have been used to achieve equality. For example, the equal opportunity employment acts were passed to bring equality to the job market. The social welfare programs of state and federal governments were created to further the cause of economic justice. The antitrust laws attempt to encourage competition and support the free enterprise. A final and very important purpose of law is to act as the great compromiser. Law serves to mesh different views into one united view so that all parties are at least partially satisfied. When disputes occur, the courts use laws to resolve two opposing views. In relation between labor and management, the law serves as the mediator (Jennings, 2008 ). One of the companies which offer moving services is the Allianz the Diligent Movers. This is a company which serves customers from all over the United States of America. The company has been in the business for over fourteen years. It is a company which depends on the expert staff who are professional in their business undertakings. It focuses on residential

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