Legal Abortion In Australia

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In Australia there is no national law regarding abortion. Rather it is handled at a state level with grounds on which it is legal varies from state to state. In every state in Australia a legal abortion is only allowed to ‘protect the life and health of the women’ (Children By Choice, 2016). In addition to this, not one law in Australia recognises the consent of a women’s partner.
4.1 Queensland:
It is made clear the laws current in Queensland are no the most appropriate approach in solving the issue of abortion. It is very inconsistent and confuses women as to what the best approach to take to receiving an abortion is. Unlike New South Wales Queensland does not take into consideration the women’s mental and physical health, specifically economic health and social pressures. However, If not gaining an abortion is a threat to the mother’s health, Queensland legislation will allow this procedure. The
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With similar laws regarding abortion in Queensland, It is also considered an offence. However, Within New South Wales, doctors and practitioners are able to take into consideration the Physical and mental health of the women and the effects that economic stress or social stress may cause when an abortion is rejected. This was put forward due to the New South Wales case of R v Wald where the judge states that “Abortion should be considered lawful if the doctor honestly believed on reasonable grounds that the operation was necessary to preserve the women involved from serious danger to her life or physical or mental health which the continuance of the pregnancy would entail. However aside from this, women are still unable to receive an abortion upon demand. New South Wales abortion laws are also not renowned to be the best approach in providing abortions however; they are one step ahead of Queensland. Specifically under sections 82, 83 and 84 are the grounds on which abortions are

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