Essay about Legacy Salmon Creek Emergency Department

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Describe the setting:
Legacy Salmon Creek Emergency Department (ED) check-in is on the first floor for both pediatric and adults. Once patients are checked in and then the patient is taken to the pediatric department is on the second floor where triage and emergency care occurs. The second floor is set up like an inpatient floor, where each patient gets their own room, and computer and vital machines are all in the room. The right side of the floor is used for adult emergency care if there is an overflow downstairs. Nurses and doctors are stationed right outside the door, and the pyxis machine is located right between the left and right wing.
This emergency department takes care of all types of emergency patient age ranging between newborn and 18years old. The patients that are seen in this department are dealing with many illnesses/traumas such as cold, strep throat, increased vaginal bleeding, allergic reaction, sores in the mouth, food poisoning, lacerations, and so on. There aren’t any limits to the kind of patient who are taken care of, but there are times patients are transferred to Randall’s children 's hospital when the root cause of the illness/ trauma cannot be found.
When patients are first admitted their vitals are taken, and then once they are on the second floor the nurses take vitals every 15 minutes to ensure the patient is stable. This is critical because any settle change can help doctors determine the possible cause or give them the ability to treat…

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