Lefty for a Day Essay

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Lefty for a Day
Amber Solis
Chamberlain School of Nursing

Lefty for a Day
In this experiment of having to use my non-dominant hand over my dominant right hand I felt at a loss. A left handed person would be at an advantage in the same scenario when asked to use their right hand over their left hand because they are typically more ambidextrous than a right handed person. When attempting to do such simple task like writing this paper I had to adapt to changes like switching the mouse to a left handed mouse but because left handed people are typically able to use their right hand they usually do not even switch the mouse over. This is however only a temporary advantage because with time the right handers will learn to use their left
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With such diversity brings new fresh ideas from all different viewpoints and having the ability to reach many different audiences. It is our differences that make a stronger team. By having such different backgrounds, thoughts, and ideas the team can see and envision more. Creativity improves with such diverse environments which can decrease cost in such things like marketing. It has also been shown that an array of diversity reduces the amount of discrimination within a group.
This experiment really helped me understand a little about how it would feel to be different than what society considers the norm. I think it is beneficial when companies offer educational classes on different cultures to avoid conflict and to help employees understand each other and their differences. The more the individuals learn about one another and interact with among each other the more likely they will begin to understand each other as well. Although differences can be challenging, they also can lead to very important benefits, both to individuals, groups and organizations. It is important for executives, managers, employees, and other professionals to understand the possibility of discrimination in their organizations which not only consist of culture, ethnic, and gender, but disabilities as well. Not only is it important for the success of the organization to understand these differences it is just as important to know that there are laws that protect the

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