Heart Failure Lab Report

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Introduction The human heart contains various parts. All the parts work together to perform different functions. Some of the functions include contraction, relaxation, receiving, distributing, opening and closing of valves. It is important for the various parts to work together for us to be able to breathe and perform our daily activities. Imagine when one part has a malfunction, how it could affect the others and the human body as a whole. In addition, science and medicine has worked so hard to help resolve some of the malfunctions of the human heart. One of the most popular devices recently invented to support one of the functions of the heart is the Left Ventricle Assist Device. What is Left …show more content…
The right ventricle squeezes the blood to pass through the pulmonic valve and the pulmonary artery to reach the lungs where it picks up oxygen. The oxygenated blood comes back to the left atrium and passes through the mitral valve to reach the left ventricle. The walls of the left ventricle have to compress to pump the oxygenated blood to the aorta which supplies the rest of the body. When the process fails heart failure may occur and the walls of the left ventricles can become thicker and thicker, and at the end not able to perform its normal function. The benefits of left ventricle assist device. The circulatory system plays a very important role in distributing oxygen and other substances in the body. In the event of a weaken heart, the ventricular assist device can be used to perform the function of the left ventricle which has the ability to transport oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the aorta. A patient who uses the device has a high rate of survival while waiting for a heart transplant. The left ventricle assist device can reduce the workload of the heart and gives patient a better quality of

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