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 Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Implications of Learning Foundations of Online Learning Abstract A left-brain dominant person’s attributes are different than that of a right-brained person. This difference causes these two groups to have different learning styles. A left-brain dominant tends to be better at spelling and math. This is because this person can see all of the pieces. A right- brain dominant person tends be better at writing, biology, and

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A right-brain dominant person is creative. This person can look outside of the box for solutions for a problem. A left-brain dominant person is less likely to do this. This person does not break things down to analysis the different parts. The person only sees the big picture. The right-brain dominant person lets others push him around. He sees things as they are and does not challenge them. A right-brain dominant person sees everything as a whole. The person only sees the endpoint. He may not understand anything in-between.
Templeton (2013) suggests that a right-brain person is less likely to be able to learn effectively from a lecture (para. 2). Most lectures do not come to the conclusion until the very end. The reason is because one of the traits of a right-brain dominant person is seeing everything as a whole. A lecture can be difficult for him to comprehend. The student starts with the answer working backwards.
Templeton (2013) suggests that right-brain dominant students will succeed in classes that are hands-on (para. 5). Classes such as biology, carpentry, mechanics, and shop are all examples of classes where right-brain dominant students will learn effectively. Right- brain dominant students will also be successful in writing papers.
This clearly shows that the student’s brain dominance is a factor when a learning style is concerned. “Each student processes and absorbs new information in a different way. Identifying
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