The Internet's Negative Influence On Contemporary American Society

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Internet access has completely revolutionized the way people around the world communicate and receive information; this luxury comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Lee Siegel argues that the Internet is having an extremely negative effect on face-to-face interactions and is becoming the sole focus for many people. The idea that the Internet diminishes social interactions is only somewhat true for contemporary American society; having a device at all times can lead to people focusing mainly on their device, but it also allows people to remain in contact with friends and loved ones whenever they need to. In some cases, the Internet can definitely overtake people’s lives and lead them to focus only on the screen in front of them. Electronic …show more content…
Many families have parents who work out of town and are unable to be around their spouse and children very often. In these situations, the use of the Internet helps keep the family close, since without it they would be completely unable to communicate. For example, when I was younger my dad used to work in Georgia and would only occasionally be able to come home to see us face-to-face. Because of this, my brother and I would text and call him from our mom’s phone so we could still stay in touch with him. This Internet use did not hinder our ability to communicate in the physical world, but rather allowed us to maintain a healthy relationship with our dad. In this sense, electronics assist with instead of interfering with a person’s social skills. In addition, the Internet not only can help current relationships, but also can create brand new ones. Dating apps such as Tinder or eHarmony have led to several successful partnerships between outstanding people who have not lost any sort of touch with reality. Actress Tatyana Ali, a Harvard graduate, met her husband online through eHarmony; he is actually a well-respected Stanford professor. These two currently life fantastic lives and have a wonderful relationship and even have a baby. Clearly meeting online did not have any effect on their social interactions. For many, the use of the Internet has not been a hindrance to their ability to interact, but rather a way to form and continue relationships. Overall, the social effect of the Internet depends on how people use it. Spending too much time on silly singleplayer games when one could be playing with friends or family is definitely not going to help the person out; however, when used correctly, the Internet can be a beautiful thing. After all, even Mrs. Aaij said electronics have helped her get closer to her

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