Lecture 34 : Whose Manifest Destiny? Essay

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Lecture 34: Whose Manifest Destiny?
1. Why should Am.s have regard.exp. to Pac. Coast as “manifest” destiny?
The idea of expansionism caused more harm than good. Yes, America gained more territory, but created consequences. Lecture 34 states, “it caused fiction w/Great Brit. over boundaries w/Canada (4).” The idea of manifest destiny was a belief that America’s destiny was to gain more land, especially out west. Manifest destiny only benefited the U.S., but not other countries. America wanted more land, became more selfish, and did not know the limit as to how much America could gain. This causes more issues for America, did it did before the belief of manifest destiny.
2. What role did Rom. Visions of West play in promoting western expan.?
The romantic legend caused Americans to view the Plains Indians in a negative way. The belief of manifest destiny did play a role, but romantic legend increased the poor treatment of the Plains Indians. Lecture 34 states, “This legend was fed by Am. art. depicting Plains Indians as “noble savages” & mystique of “mountain men” (4).” This legend tales influenced missionary martyrs, which could only mean most Americans citizens believed the romantic legend. This would increase the belief of manifest destiny, which would increase the wanting to expand, and result in the Plains Indians to move out, or die. Romantic legends become more influence to American citizens, which only meant more criticism towards the Plains Indians.
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