Essay on Leaving My Home Country, It Was The Second Hardest Thing

931 Words Mar 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Besides leaving my home country, it was the second hardest thing that I had to experience. I was seven years old and when my parents announced that we were moving to United States, frankly I was excited to see the USA. However, as time passed I started to miss my family back in Ecuador. When, I was in the airport saying goodbyes to friends and family members. I did not understand that I would not see them in again in five years. However, hearing the news that my abuelito had passed away in 2006. Made me realize that I would not be seeing him any time soon, and that was really painful. After, five years in USA my mom and I would travel to Ecuador to celebrate her parents’ fifty-year anniversary. However, it would have been too late to see my abuelito. If I had to pick a favorite abuelo o abuela it would have been my dad’s father. Since, then and now I have the most memories with him than with anyone else from my family. The memories that I have of him are so detailed, I can remember even the little things. That is why in Brian Doyle’s essay “His Last Game,” I could understand what he meant when, “There’s so much to love, my brother added. All the little things.” When, Doyle mentions “All the little things” he means all the memories that he had with his brother, even the most funny, ridiculous memories. Furthermore, I could remember the little things with my abuelito. Like when it was New Years and I was playing outside, I tripped on the floor and scrapped my knee. My…

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