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This agreement made at Dhaka this 8 day of August 2004. Between Mr. Abu H. Imamuddin S/O Late A. Q. M. Mahiuddin and Ms. Fariel Imamuddin W/O. Mr. Abu H. Imamuddin, of House no. 50, Road no. 10/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh. Hereinafter referred as the Lessor (which expression shall mean and include their nominees, representatives, assigns, successors and legal representatives) of the one part. And Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd., Red Crescent Concord Tower, 17, Mohakhali CA [4-5h

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4. The monthly rent of the Furniture, Fitting and Fixtures is fixed at Tk. 20,000/-(Taka Twenty Thousand) only. The Lessee will pay an advance of six months rent, that is Tk. 1,20,000/- (Taka One Lakh Twenty Thousand) only with the signing of the agreement by Pay-order in favour of the Lessor. The amount given in advance will be adjusted in the following twelve months at the rate of Tk 10,000/- (Taka Ten Thousand) only in each month. Therefore, Lessee will deposit a rent of Tk. 10,000/- [Taka Ten Thousand] only by the seventh of each month to the Lessors account.

5. The mode of rent payment will remain the same in the subsequent years till the termination of the agreement. The six months rent of Tk. 1,20,000/- (Taka One Lakh Twenty Thousand) only will be due each year in advance by the first week of August and that is to be adjusted in the following twelve months. The rest of the rent will be paid in twelve instalments at the rate of Tk. 10,000 [Taka Ten Thousand] only to the Lessors account by the seventh of each month.

6. The Lessee shall not sublet or lend the possessions of fu niture, fittings and fixtures of the house, nor shall the same be used for any purpose that may damage the items. Besides any normal wear and tear any damages done to the fittings and fixtures either wilfully or misuse of those items has to be repaired by the Lessee
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