Learning To Walk Took Time Essay

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Beginning a new chapter of your life can be an exciting and scary time. Since you have done a great deal of work to forgive yourself and others there are a few things that are going to help you embrace the new future you are building.

Learning to walk took time. You may not remember, but you fell down. You could not keep your balance and there may have been bumps and bruises. The good news is that you did learn to walk. Another thing happened after you mastered that skill. Now here is another reminder. Sometimes you still trip and fall down. Most are a little embarrassed, but can brush themselves off and keep going. In this part of recovery and forgiveness, we simply practice new skills and prepare with a little first aid for those bumps,
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Put your focus on the now. It is good to have a bag of tricks to help you get back to simply this moment.

1. Maybe you need a mantra. Here are some excellent choices.
“Right now, worrying about things I cannot change has no value. Right now I am safe and choose to be happy.”

“Right now I choose to feel my connection with the infinite creator and live in a peaceful moment.”

“Stop and look around. Yup, I am safe.”

“Breathe in and breathe out and enjoy the now.

2. Physical movement
Have a happy dance. A little jiggle you can do anywhere that will re-frame your mind. A little jiggle works.

Tap your watch or wrist three times with the intention of living in the moment.

Adjust your posture, shrug your shoulders and step into now.

~ Believe that you deserve the best and accept it with grace

In beginning this feels like an oxymoron and yet as you master the feeling it acts like a landing page for all things good. There is simply joy when you want what you have and take what is given with grace.

What does accepting grace feel like? It is a simple feeling of thankfulness. It comes with a desire to share and help others. It has been described as having a full heart. Grace leaves no room for

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