Learning Theory From The Classroom Essay

925 Words Aug 29th, 2016 4 Pages
TPACK-L is a UConn revision of an existing framework for teachers’ competency with technology that expands Mishra and Koeler’s TPACK framework by adding Learning Theory (Slota, Young, Choi, & Lai, 2014). Although the TPACK framework on which it is based proposed the way to understand how to integrate technology in the classroom as a unique body of knowledge, technology integration practice is, more often than not, thought of as a set of pedagogical skills or strategies to simply utilize technology in pursuit of effective instruction. Given the omission of learning theory from the teacher competency framework, it might mislead us to understand teacher competencies as merely a skill-based knowledge (i.e., teaching as a straightforward enterprise). Yet, teaching is complex intellectual work that often requires a solid understanding of the foundational theories to implement curriculum in context and maintain the fidelity of the knowledge about learning that underlies curricular designs (Wilson & Peterson, 2006). Furthermore, without understanding the learning theory that underlies a particular innovation of a technology-supported instruction (e.g., Papert’s Logo, CTGV’s Jasper Woodbury videodisc series, educational games/simulations like Quest Atlantis or River City Project), teachers’ interpretation of any technology integration can cause fatal mutations of the designs, which means that their intended student learning outcomes may end up being in opposition to the theory behind…

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