Learning That Occurs Online Learning Essay

823 Words Aug 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Do you think that learning that occurs online is different from learning that happens in traditional classrooms? THE EDUCATION SYSTEM is changing. Traditional learning is facing with a new window of different system of education. New requirements are needed. In the search for solutions, technology is playing significant role. We keep hearing of an “education revolution” one in which technology will bring upon an essential change in schools and universities. Technology should be accepted as an important segment of development in education because it is user-friendly, unlimited, and supportive for both students and teachers.

Technology is making education easier. First, These technologies are user friendly in a way that technologies have not been in the past. Students are able to find any sources and data that they need to complete their assignment, research, and tests “The world wide web is filled with searching programs, indexes, and even indexes of indexes”(Bruckman 129). For example, for establishing a research student could make survey or sharing their topic in social media to gather information that they need. To compare in the past, they had to waste thunders of papers to write and print. Also, spending to much times like door to door survey which was very time-consuming. In addition, Technology extends learning for everyone without restriction. Young people are collecting to the Web by the millions, sharing music, stories, poetry, video, and pictures. They are…

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