Montessori System: Exam-Based Education System Analysis

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What is Montessori?
Montessori is a learning and teaching method that is concerned with personal development on children rather than focusing on exam based education system so that more mature and creative children can be developed. This education system started in the dawn of the 1900s to serve pre-school children and later grew to serve different populations of children around the world. Montessori classrooms are characterized by children of the same age groups, where an age group is children with an age difference of three years. Learning materials are arranged according to topics to enable easy access by the children with minimal supervision from their teachers.
The Montessori system acknowledges that every child is unique and has a hidden
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Children choose the activities they want to engage in but the teacher directs them on how to go about the process. This creates a sense of freedom, but ‘curtailed freedom’. The Montessori system embodies both freedom and its curtailing in its system. This is in the sense that, the system has a specific set of lessons and materials for each level and different subjects, which are presented in a fairly ordered system (Lilliard, 2013). The children however, are free to choose from the program, what they want to do. This proves that there is freedom in the Montessori system. However, the teacher needs to ensure that the specific activity the child decides to do is done in a manner stipulated by the Montessori system. This therefore brings in the element of a tight structure. The Montessori system can therefore be seen to be one that provides for freedom within structure and structure within freedom, providing the best of both worlds. This system can therefore be viewed as loose or rigid, depending on the level being focused on.
Justice and fairness is also another attribute shown in children that go through Montessori education system. When children are compared in reasoning and feeling, those that go through Montessori education system are less likely to indulge in rough play when they are in the field playing various games. They also interact with each other in more positive way as compared to those
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This is due to an observation that was made by Maria Montessori when stories of this kind were told and some of the children walked out. The Montessori system harbors fantasy and regards creativity and truth first. Description of activity
Although both playful and Montessori learning encompass fun, in playful learning, the activities done by the child are considered activities of play, which enable the child to have fun. However, in the Montessori learning system, the activities a child engages in are considered work. Maria Montessori stated that the centers providing for this kind of learning were centers that were to provide both fun and work. The learning materials are not to be considered items to play with, but should be considered items with a potential to teach something new. Items like building blocks should be used to build something concrete like a house, and are not to be viewed as a doll house or else the essence inherent in the teaching curriculum would be

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