Essay about Learning Styles

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Learning Styles & Professors

Both your professors and your learning styles are different and unique. By knowing your professor and his/her teaching style you will have a distinct advantage. Once you know how to properly use your learning style so that you can manipulate it to work with your professors teaching style, you will notice that lectures and studying will be come far more easier for you.

You can no longer be a passive student, taking only what is spoon-fed to you; you must seek out your own education. This includes both the knowledge you have about your professors and the knowledge you have about yourself. The more you know about each of these the better prepared you will be for the class.

I. Meeting A Professor
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• Chance to introduce yourself to your professor; it is good to show interest. • Visiting your professor on a good note may make it easier to ask for an extension or about a mark later in the term.

Things Not to Talk to a Professor About

• Personal problems that do not pertain to or affect the class; instead go to Student Counseling, Student Health Centre or seek other professional support. • Suggestions on their teaching or lecturing style, unless you cannot hear them or they are speaking too fast. Approach this in a tactful manner.

How to Meet With a Professor

• Come early or stay after class. • Make an appointment during office hours. • If you cannot meet during specified times, ask if another meeting can be scheduled.

At the Meeting: • Be polite and honest. • Remain calm, professors are people too. • Introduce yourself and tell the professor which section that you are in; this will make you both more comfortable. • State why you are there and ask your question. • Do not overstay your welcome and take up too much of your professor’s time.

If a Professor Acts Inappropriately

• Make an appointment with the professor/instructor’s department head. • Speak to the Dean’s office in the college that your professor teaches. • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services 966-4936 • The Office of Student and Enrolment Services 966-4747 • Student Counseling

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