Learning Styles : Learning Style Essay examples

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Learning Styles Reflection The learning style I most strongly identified with was visual, however a combination of all four learning styles is what I believe benefits me the most. A visual learner absorbs information best through seeing it. Whether it be seeing a math problem done before them while it is being explained, or seeing words typed out on PowerPoint while a professor lectures. Taking detailed notes during lecture type classes also helps visualize the information later on while trying to recall it. Some helpful things for visual learners, for example, would be diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and other visual forms of information. I benefit greatly from highlighting, and color-coding certain things in my notes. This helps very much with organization and makes studying easier. Along with all the visual learning techniques I also incorporate some things into my studying from other learning styles. Through aural/auditory learning I am able to hear concepts out loud and talk them through to better understand them. Studying with a friend or talking it through with myself is how I exercise my aural learning techniques. For reading/writing type learning; when I re-write some key points from my notes onto flash cards, simply writing them down one more time helps me study. I tend to remember those facts quicker because I pay attention to the information while re-writing it. For kinesthetic learning, it is not something that I get the opportunity to do often. It is…

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