Learning Styles And The Form Of A Pyramid Essay

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This paper defines and discusses four academic concepts. It explains how important it is to be an active listener, it shows that listening involves given feedback to the speaker so they will that you were actually paying attention. Next topic would be Bloom Taxonomy is a classification of how we think in other words the higher or of how individuals think. It will discuss and explain why it is shaped in the form of a pyramid. Bloom Taxonomy is divided into six different learning styles and this paper will discuss each one. Kolb learning style is used a lot by educators this style teaches that different people will have different learning styles Kolb consist of four learning styles. The last concept discussed is seven habits of highly effective people each of these habits are important to your success. We develop good and bad habits if you have goals set and looking to reach them you will most likely have to abide by the skills being discussed in this paper.
The Importance of Active Listening According to Halsey, “Active listening or attentively listening to another’s point of view is another social skill that, when learned, can increase one’s ability to see situations from another’s perspective”(Halsey, 2016, p.14). Active listeners show speakers that they are paying attention to both verbal and nonverbal feedback, such as body language. Active listening is a skill that helps us to become mindful teaches empathy so we are able to empathize with others and…

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