Learning Styles And Learning Theories Essay

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Question 1
I think overall our group deserves an 8/10. In my opinion our group started rather slowly and grew one by one. After receiving an initial email from Alyssa introducing herself we exchanged a few emails getting to know each other and opening the lines of communication. During the exchange Alyssa and I discussed which topics we were interested in and we were both interested in the topic of Learning Styles and Learning Theories, together we decided on researching Learning Styles. (Wiki group 7, 2016) After this Samantha joined our group, offering opinions when needed, and finally James joined thus completing our group. James offered very little assistance and communication within this assessment, and I feel this is where we would lose a few marks as this is a communication subject. I believe we would rate highly as I feel we met the criteria in working together as a team. We learnt to listen to each other’s opinions, and offered support when we were a bit overwhelmed, when we didn’t agree with each other we managed to discuss this in a professional manner and resolve any conflict. I feel most group members were accepting and understanding of time constraints and schedules to attempt to complete a draft for this assessment so that we had time to finalize and edit the final draft of our Prezi.
Question 2
For this assessment I feel I along with Alyssa took a shared role of group leader. In the Prezi I completed the introduction and covered the area of Kinaesthetic…

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