Essay on Learning Style That Best Suits An Individual

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Learning Style that Best Suits an Individual
With the different types of learning styles, knowing which learning style an individual is will only help prepare them for knowing how to best absorb and learn the information. One may find themselves in different types of situations whether it be going to school, sitting in on a business meeting, attending a lecture, or simply going to church. Each of these could easily being taught using different teaching strategies that may or may not be beneficial depending on the type of learner the individual is. In other words, the information may not actually be retained unless the person presenting the information takes into account the audience being taught, and utilizing all the modalities to help engage the student. Having a better understanding of the different learning styles, as well as learning and teaching strategies can help one go a long way to actually learning the information taught.
There are four different learning styles defined by VARK A Guide to Learning Styles. VARK which stands for Visual, Aural/Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic (Fleming, 2011). There is a fifth learning style which encompasses all the above four and is referred to as multimodal. “VARK How Do I Learn Best?” (Fleming, 2011) is a questionnaire used to test an individual on what is their best learning style. The author of this paper took the questionnaire and discovered the results leaned more towards a multimodal learning style. Someone…

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