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Learning Style Inventory for Jason Wagner
Taking Business Management Class with Professor Howell at the New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, NM he asked his students to take a learning style test from North Carolina State University. The test sees what type of learning style you are more adaptive to use in your cognitive learning. The test has four categories with two levels in each category. The first category you are an active or reflective learner. The second category test if you are a sensing or intuitive learner, the third category test if you are a visual or a verbal learner. The last category test if you are a sequential or a global leaner. Below is the result and analysis of my learning styles
ACTIVE AND REFLECTIVE LEARNERS This test category looks at you active and reflective learning styles. Active learners like to be involved in what they are learning; they usually like to take hands on approach to their
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Sequential learners learn best with by sequential learning steps that start out at the basic and work its way to fully understanding of the subject. Global learners are more of random learners; they get small chunks of the subject in no particular order until they have a moment where it all comes together for them. When I took the test I scored a five towards the Global learning style. I have a hard time following a sequential step to learning but seem to learn in random large chunks of the information. This means I will need a bug picture that I need to get very quick in the subject to better understand the information. The test above shows in some areas my style of learning is good in when it comes to how most colleges are are taught, but it also shows that in area where I need more of a visual or hand approach to learning I may need to work harder. All in all I see my learning styles and strength and weakness I will need to pay attention

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