Student Learning Strategies

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How can learning strategies help struggling students

I think my topic is important because society should care about the future.Not only is my topic very effective for our youth but however it is also effective for our elders, these different learning strategies could really help them out with the struggle of them helping their children or even grandchildren trying to help them with their homework or at home projects.However coming up with different strategies could also be a big help for the students trying to actually learn in school but somehow are distracted or just don’t understand the material the teacher is providing. But all these problems can be solved with teachers helping more often and parents or grandparents more involved with
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Society should want to help out the young students trying to get a good education.Because they 've probably been through the same situation in their past school years.So they should really want to help the future generation get a better education.More than likely back in the day if they were struggling in school their only option was probably to pay more attention in class.And back then society wasn 't involved like they 're today.So they should want today 's children to get a way better education than they got when they were in school.Society sure would all come together an contribute to the future adults of the world 's education …show more content…
All teachers should help each student obtain their full potential. Not only will this encourage your students but it will also brighten their days they have to spend in school to receive a better education. Although some students don’t learn as fast as other students you as a teacher should want to see your students doing great in class and having great grades. So I think teachers should try their hardest to help all their students in the same way. Sometimes it requires a great a teacher to be able to help their struggling class students. So in order to help your struggling class you might just have to better yourself as a teacher. That way your students that need the most help can receive it from in a brighter light so that they can comprehend it way better than the way you presented the material the first time

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