Learning Skills, And Communication Skills Essay

1108 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
Reflection Paper In ACA, I have learned many valuable learning tools such as time management techniques, focus strategies, study skills, and communication skills. For example, in chapter two, “Managing Your Time,” it explains the best way to prioritize tasks into manageable chunks. Correctly using time management techniques allows a person to complete assignments in a less stressful manner and complete it to the best of his or her ability. Procrastination results in lower grades and higher stress levels. This has been one of the many valuable lessons learned through ACA class. Additionally, chapter six taught me the benefits of “Listening and Taking Notes.” For example, in this chapter I have learned the appropriate note taking skill for myself, which is the list format of note taking. Further more, I have used this format many times in my classes and have passed tests and multiple other assignments. Also, I have learned what does not work for me when taking notes. For example, the Cornell Format and the outline format confused me due to all the numbers and also, side topic format confused me because it does not seem organized and may get confusing. Further more, I learned another skill as well which is test-taking technique that work for myself in chapter nine “Taking Exams and Tests”. For example, I have learned that you need to prepare physically. Such as, getting enough sleep and eating right so you can function at a normal pace. Also, you need to…

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