Learning Process And Its Influence On Physical, Intellectual, Emotional And Social Development

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The learning process is a lifelong adjustment to the needs and conditions that occurs in environment which surrounds people. For that reason environment plays a major role in either positive facilitation or negative impediment regarding one’s learning. Therefore we will look into environment and its influence on physical, intellectual, emotional and social development as well as language.
The process of development refers to a positive change in a life of individual from a single cell to multifunctional and complex being at the end of one’s existence. The process is a gradual and one is expected to follow developmental guidelines. As a result one can recognise what most people are able to do at particular age and stage.
Physical development means increased body skills from simple to more complex movements (Meggit, C., 2011). Two main areas include gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills engage big muscles used for walking, jumping or swimming. Expected milestones include standing, walking and running by 18 months and rapid grow spurt and maturity of sexual organs between the age of 12 and 17. Fine motor skills involve small muscles in hand to perform tasks such as writing or block building. Milestones include palm grasp (4 months), pincer grasp (12 months) and dynamic tripod grasp (2years+).
However drugs such as Thalidomide which causes body deformities disrupts learning process because a child who has malformation of limbs will need to adjust differently to…

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