Learning Perspectives In My Life

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Learning transpires in my life through several ways. It occurs in formal education and extends to a personal desire to be knowledgeable within church, school, my marriage and work. To personally define learning, I state that it imports the effort to understand the outer world as well as the inner self. Additionally, understanding the world and oneself is only half the idea. One of the most significant meanings of learning is understanding one’s place on the planet and how he or she can contribute to the community.
The world is large, mysterious and exciting. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the cosmos and have desired to understand them. In my personal learning, books about space, theoretical physics and even metaphysics became
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I take time to look at myself objectively to recognize my actions and try to understand the motives I have for them. By doing this, I am more conscious of how I work as a person. I can understand what I would likely do under certain situations, which is helpful in becoming better and overcoming weaknesses.
The second mirror is science. I plan to work under the discipline of neurology after my graduate studies. Even now, neurology and psychology help me to understand the workings of my mind compared with everyone else’s. It is helpful to see where I am the same as others and where we differ. This also helps me to improve due to the fact that I can see where I fall behind in the crowd and can resolve to change.
The third mirror I use is evaluating how I interact with others. Humans are social creatures; we are predisposed to work together and form communities. With that said, some people work better in groups than others. I want to learn to be the best human being I can in a social sense, so I look at how well I work with others. Can I negotiate? Can I contribute positively to the world? Can I genuinely make others happy? These are questions I ask myself to see how I’m interacting with other

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