Learning Opportunity With Real Life Applications Essay

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#4 A teacher overheard a discussion between two students who are debating “what to do” about a given situation. Be it a social issue, an emotional issue, an academic issue, or any other situation, the teacher feels the need to step in and offer advice and input. They take the opportunity to discuss the issue and to mentor/advise the students on what an appropriate course of action may be for the given situation. Often teachers overhear conversations and take the opportunity to step in and assist the students as it creates a perfect learning opportunity with real-life applications.

#5 A student seeks out their teacher after class to ask their advice. Again, it could either be something related to school, home, an issue with their peer group, or any number of topics. Whatever the case, the student reached out to the teacher to ask for advice. The teacher has an opportunity to discuss the situation with the student and offer wisdom and insight, helping the student figure out what the most appropriate response would be. The teacher can help the student to figure out a mature and reasonable reaction to whatever is going on with them and can help the student built character. This is a situation where a teacher becomes a mentor as well, helping students not only with academic issues but also social ones.

#6 A teacher notices bullying going on in the classroom. It could be something like name-calling or something like physical violence. The teacher steps in, stopping…

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