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Case Study 1 – Pre-presentation Learning Journal Dated: 2 March 2014
In order to prepare for assignment Case Study 1, which required our team to create a poster and present the analysis, and recommend for a future strategies, I need to understand some theories that are required in the case. After went through the textbook and several write up about SLEPT and SWOT analysis. SLEPT is one of the analysis that is frequently used by business analyst for examining the marco environment of the organisation that the business operations in. Most of the time, companies are unable to control the external environment factors but it can effectively have better understanding in it so that they can either exploit the situation to its advantage
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SWOT analysis looks into the internal and external factors of the company – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. In the internal factor, it is important for FedEx to leverage on their strength to build competency and enhance capability to overcome its weakness. The company will have superior advantage if its strength matches with the opportunity. However, under the situation when weakness matches with opportunity, company needs to overcome weakness to pursue opportunities. FedEx can also use its strength to reduce its vulnerability to external threats. They need to strategise a defensive plan when threats meet with weaknesses.

Learning Reflection
The school encourages self-regulated learning. Self-regulated learning is an active process of individual set their own goals for their learning, learners plan how they will learn, self monitor, regulate and evaluate their cognitions, motivation and behaviour (Boekaerts et al., 2000). Deci & Ryan (1985) identified that learning motivational orientation involved a person’s particular motives for learning.

Using the VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment, I had identified my preferred learning style to be a Visual learner. According to Flemming (2001), someone with Visual learning style has a preference for seeing things including pictures, diagrams, demonstrations, displays, handouts, flip-chart and etc.

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