Learning Journal Reflective Comments / Notes

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1. Learning Journal Reflective Comments/Notes:
Thursday Feb. 26, 2016 - I wasn 't able to make any progress today towards unit 5 as I was finishing up unit 4 's journal today.

Friday Feb. 27, 2016 - I am off to a late start as today as I wasn 't able to get any work done today either. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Saturday Feb. 28, 2016 - I read the required work for the week and started my discussion questions.

Sunday Feb. 29, 2016 - Struggling with the discussion questions today. I hope that I am answering these right. I am trying to add some personal details to the examples to make it make sense to both myself and those that read them. I am not going to be able to post these tonight however, I have a long ways to go.

Monday March 1, 2016 - Worked on the discussion questions, but was needing a break from it. I went ahead and evaluated the written assignments of my peers today to change the pace up a bit. The grading took a while because I wanted to make sure that I graded fairly and accurately. I feel that was accomplished. I emailed Prof. Jane to make sure since I had a question about whether to lower it or keep it the same. After getting her response, I am going to stand by the grades I submitted.

Tuesday March 2, 2016 - Today I had to get my discussion questions finished. I buckled down and worked all day on them. Normally I do not struggle as much with writing, but for some reason today it has been a laboring process. I think I am psyching myself out, but I

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