Essay about Learning Is The Real Meaning Of Learning

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Learning is a process in which we use our experiences to handle different situations. Learning is when we gather information and storing it in our memory for convenient use. Like for example, every time we use our smart phones to check NBA scores, weather forecast, daily news, and etc., we are taking basic steps in the learning process. This class has taught me the real meaning of learning. I have learned that learning involves taking in the world around you and connecting to what you are experiencing; making sense of it; and using critical thinking skills and good sound judgment in order to respond appropriately to any class assignment, job task, or opportunity to interact with other people. Learning is essential to every one of us. Learning enables us to acquire new knowledge that make us clearly understand ourselves, others, and life; it enables us to gain new skills that is helpful in increasing our productivity in life and work; and it prepares us to commence change that allow us to grow and mature as a person. Every time we use new knowledge and skills in our work place, classroom, with our family or within ourselves, we are actively learning (Johnston, 2013). Each of us has different approach to doing a specific task. This is because we all have different learning patterns. The make-up of our learning patterns are composed of sequence, precision, technical reasoning, and confluence. Taking learning connections inventory enables us to know how we use each pattern…

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