Learning Is An Essential Part Of Life Essay

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“This shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!” I will always remember how Gwen Stephani’s catchy tune “Hollaback Girl” finally taught me how to spell bananas. To this day I still have to sing the song to get it right, but hey, at least I learned. Learning is an essential part of life; an unknown source said it best, “if we cease to learn, we die.” This quote holds true, in that learning is imperative, as it presents us with information that can be useful when making difficult decisions. Yet, I have found that throughout the years, people seem to care less and less about what it is that they are learning – even when it comes to what they eat.
Take the banana for instance, a ubiquitous and present part of American culture, and an icon of both breakfast and dessert. Yet, most people do not even know the most elementary facts about them. I can prove it to you too; keep track of how much of the following information you know. When thinking of this scrumptious yellow fruit, it is likely that images of banana trees come to mind. This is a common misconception. Bananas do not grow on trees; they grow on the largest herb and are actually, “giant berries” (Koeppel 2). More shockingly, bananas are on the brink of extinction since they are very susceptible to disease, and are incapable of reproducing without human assistance (Koeppel). This is true to such an extent that the Gros Michel, the banana our grandparents ate, is not sold commercially anymore. Unfortunately the same thing is…

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