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VARK and Multiple Intelligences Inventory assessments and answers to the questions on the syllabus:
1. Based on the descriptions in the text, where do you see yourself on the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles?
Based on the descriptions in the text of the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles I see myself as an active experimenter. I make decisions easily and enjoy solving problems. I enjoy applying what I have learned to see if I understood the material correctly and feel that I learn quickly. I am always ready to move quickly from thinking to action and get frustrated by those who take too much time acting on what they have been taught.
This coincides with the realistic category I fall into with the Holland Personality and Career
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I also prefer to learn through “hands-on” or instruction rather than listen to someone talk about a product or experience.
The VARK Questionnaire assessment scoring would lead me to believe that I have a single preference of learning- R (Read/Write), however I see myself as having a Visual Learning Style as well.

Multiple Intelligences Inventory results:
I fit the following categories of the Multiple Intelligences Inventory:

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: I really enjoy math class.
I like to find out how things work. I enjoy computer and math games.
I love playing checkers and Monopoly. If something breaks and won’t work I look at the pieces and try to figure out how it works.

a. What similarities do you see among your results?
I do not see many similarities in my results. The VARK Questionnaire would lead me to believe that I learn best through reading and writing where the Multiple Intelligence Inventory would lead me to believe I prefer visual learning over reading/writing.
It is safe to say that in both assessments my preferred way of learning is not through aural or verbal means.

b. What are some of the differences you see?
I do not see how these assessments line up with each other in that in the VARK Questionnaire my strongest preference of learning was through reading and writing. Although I do

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